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HIPAA Translator

HATS (HIPAA Automated Translator System) is a state of the art software system to create and process all of the HIPAA Transactions

Hats is a stand alone system that runs under most of the present data windows operating system such as Windows 10, Windows 7, etc. It is designed to easily interfaces to most present day data processing systems. This system is designed to be used by operators with very little knowledge about HIPAA or Health Care Systems in General. Hats stores all of the transactions in the database which can be printed out in a report format to create complete audit reports. It is designed for effective processing of all HIPAA electronic transaction code sets as show below.

HATS was designed to completely interface with our Web Based HIPAA Postoffice. Our newly developed Postoffice is using the state of the art technology to deliver one of the most modern and up to date web based sites available today. Our site meets all of the HIPAA, EDI, Privacy, and Security requirements at this time. Mr. Microchip is one of the few companies in the country to offer a Complete Solution including Multi-Employer Fund Accounting System, Translator, and a web based Postoffice.

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