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Rental Option

For the first time we are now offering our Windows Based Multi-Employer Fund Accounting System (MFACCTS) on a Rental Plan. Included with our software is a complete support package that covers the software as well as any operator support. In addition, we supply updates to our software all during the year as well as any Federal and State changes.

How does the rental agreement work?

There is usually a one time setup fee which covers the cost of conversion, training, as well as installing the software on your in house computer system. Your existing data will be converted and loaded onto the new software system to be checked out by your office staff. After the testing phase, your existing data will be converted one last time and loaded onto your new system and you are now live. Once the systems goes live, the monthly charge will begin from that point forward. All of the support and updates are included in the monthly rental. We require a minimum of a one year contract to make sure our cost are covered. After the one year, you can cancel our contract by giving us a 2 month notice. We will keep the monthly rate fixed for a period of 5 years. We will be with you every step of the way and get you up and running in a very short period of time since our billing does not start until the system is complete.

How can we afford to rent our Software?

How can we offer our software on a rental basis while the other Software Vendors cannot? Our software is a table driven system and we do not have to customize it by doing programming work. All of our customers run the same software and we only have to change the data in the modify table to make it look like your own customized system.

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