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Windows Technology

Our Benefit Fund Accounting software is designed to run on any Windows Based Operating system including Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT, and Windows 98.

Windows10 is Microsoft's newest and best operating system designed for the business community because it has built into it the best network software as well as Remote Communications Capabilities. Using Microsoft's Database software Called JET and their programming language called VISUAL BASIC, Mr. Microchip has developed one of the best software solutions for Benefit Fund Accounting. Since the software is totally based on Microsoft Products, the package will never grow old since all of these modules will be Upgraded as new software is developed by Microsoft.

Laser Check Creation & Printing

Mr. Microchip has harnessed the power of Windows and the Laser Printer to develop the best Printing system available today for printing checks.

By using special Magnetic Toner Cartridges with a standard Laser, we can take a plain blank piece of safety check paper and produce a complete check including a signature. The cost of the checks is much less than a conventional laser printed check and it has the flexibility to be used for many different checking accounts. The checking account number is programmed into the system and if you change banks, we just change the account numbers and you are up and running. It also eliminates the problems of using the wrong checks for an account because the computer will always print the proper account number for the account being processed.
Laser checks eliminate the need for check signing and bursting equipment. Once our check is printed, it is ready to be folded and inserted into a window envelope for sending. Our system also eliminates the need to order different quantities of checks for each checking account. You just order inexpensive check safety paper and our system does the rest. Laser Check Creation & Printing is the most modern up to-date method of generating checks. It eliminates operator errors and labor cost associated with check printing.

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